Register your Property & Film Location

Register your Property & Film Location

Are you a Bath/Bristol or local area location owner, You can register your property free of charge to be considered as a location for commercial hire.

Important part for any loction is the size, and are they large enough to fit a photographic crew of around 10 – 13 people. Some unique or interesting features and good natural light add to make a perfect location.
Style of property, the décor or even furniture may work in your favour to get used in a production. Browse through our location gallery to get an idea of the range of locations we have on offer.

For a film shoot your location will need to be large enough to accommodate crew, cast and equipment (and that’s behind the scene shot). Stills shoots, however, can be done in smaller locations, the main difference is the size of the team, the equipment they bring and also the hours they need; oh and the money, films pay more than a photo shoot.

Productions will almost always need to park at least a generator directly outside the location, and will also need easy access for equipment. Other than that, they can usually find a location near by to house the team, trucks, catering, etc.

What happens next?
We review registrations each week and will contact you as soon as we have done so, either to ask more questions or sadly to say no based on our experionce.

Please do not be offended if we decline your location – we often turn down beautiful properties because they are not in the right area or they are too small, or simply they are too similar to other locations that we already have on the books.

If we do want to represent your property then we will send you our terms and conditions for signing and returning to us. This sets out what we will do for you (display your location on our website, negotiate fees and contracts), what we will charge (commission based on your overall location fee), and how and when you will be paid. In addition we, ask you to complete a directions document, which is used by us and given to clients to find your location.

Once we have received this back then your location will go live on our website and will be available for viewing.


The more photos we have of your property, the better! We can always select the ones we love but you should remember that the photos that we have in the library are there to effectively sell and promote your property as a location. For houses / apartments please send us as many as you have of each room.

Well composed and well exposed photos really help. There are a few key rules that can help you here:

1: Wherever possible please don’t use flash. If you can, set your camera to low light / high ISO rating so that it makes the most of the available light. Even on a bright day, turning some or all of the lights in a room on can really help add a little extra to a photo and make the room look warmer and more welcoming. If possible use a tripod or monopod to keep the camera as steady as possible.

2: Most interiors generally look best when photographed with the camera level and at the mid-height of the room – i.e. if your room is 10 ft high then the camera should ideally be 5 ft off the ground. Keeping it level stops the vertical lines of your room from distorting.

3: With interiors bright sunny days are not always the best time to photograph your property – quite often a flat grey day will work just as well if not better, trust us.

4: Don’t use super-wide angle lenses – these can give a distorted view of a room and often misleading.

5: Most of the photos that we use on the website are landscape format (i.e. the longest side of the photo is along the bottom – just as they would be with the camera held horizontally rather than tipped on its side.) Feel free to send us portrait format shots too if you think that they help tell the story but remember that they won’t end up on the website and that the key shots need to be landscape format.

Digital – The technical information…

We can only accept digital images, If you are sending us digital shots they don’t need to be huge files, however, we can re-size the images.

Which views to photograph:

The key shots are from each corner of the room – these show as much of the rooms as possible. Then also take shots of any features (fireplaces, views from windows, interesting items of furniture etc.). Particularly with fireplaces and windows these shots generally look best when shot straight on and fairly symmetrically. Always remember that our clients will want to be able to see as much as possible of a location so the better your photos tell the story or both the layout and the character of your property the better chance you have of it being chosen.

Our commitment to safeguarding the security of our location owners is very important.

Photographs of your property, and your details, are held securely by us seperate from the website. The photographs are stored in our location library and your details are held in our computer database, which is password protected, and inaccessible to the public. Your security is important to us: we will NEVER give out your personal details to any client without your express permission, and without us establishing the authenticity of the enquiry.

When your property is under consideration by a photographer or production company, we will, with your permission, give out your address and arrange a recce. Even then you may opt for anonymity and all negotiations will be handled directly by us.